About Us

Moving Into Presence is a movement and dance partnership founded by Jena & Eron Hennessey of Kinesthesis, LLC., in Seattle, Washington. We teach classes in Breema, Martial Movement and Dance—practices that we feel help us to experience more harmony, meaning, purpose, and pleasure in all aspects of our lives.

In addition to regularly-scheduled classes, we frequently collaborate with other dancers, artists, musicians, and healing practitioners to craft seasonal dance rituals and workshops. We wish to enliven, support and move with our community—especially with our neighbors in the Crown Hill, Phinney, Greenwood, Viewlands, and Blue Ridge neighborhoods!

For More Information

More information about classes, locations and times can be found on our Class Schedule.

For information about special events that we’ll be involved in and/or offering, you can check our updated Calendar, our Twitter feed or Facebook page!