Martial Movement

Martial movement is a mixed martial art comprised of teachings from both traditional and non-traditional fighting styles, focused on teaching proven, practical self-defense techniques while developing awareness, strength, flexibility, coordination and sense of balance, understanding and improving footwork, strikes, kicks, positioning, and leverage.

The art is semi-traditional in that I include some elements of traditional arts such as stances, forms, and meditation practice to an innately non-traditional premise—that each student should ultimately become a master of their own martial art that is based upon sound principles, developed and refined by practice and experimentation, and unique to the practitioner.

There’s nothing to buy into here. No tradition to uphold. Only to be respectful, learn, practice, and continue to improve your understanding and skill, no matter what “level” you consider yourself to be.

Martial Movement is taught by Eron Hennessey. Information about class locations, time, and cost can be found on the Class Schedule page and on the Calendar.